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Is it Time to Consider Surgical Bunion Correction?

If your painful bunion has changed your lifestyle, it may be time to look into surgery.

  • Does your bunion hurt when you walk or stand for long periods?
  • Have you limited or given up your favorite activities?
  • Have you given up wearing your favorite shoes or high heels?
  • Are you embarrassed to show your feet?
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What Our Patients Are Saying...

Larkin M.Patient

Dr. Nick truly helped me go from extreme painful walking to I am walking at ease and comfort! It’s life back again! He corrected a former years ago toe joint implant. Not going to fib 1st few days were painful (just 3-4 days …I wasn’t taking pain killers) but it was the quickest recovery from surgery I’ve had! I am definitely going to start jogging again this spring! I’m very grateful and thankful!

Marisol Q.Patient

Silverstone Podiatry in NYC is the place to visit for expert foot care!
Dr. Nick is a welcoming and compassionate podiatrist who listens to what you have to say about your foot ailment. When he has confirmed your condition he explains thoroughly what can be done. He answers any questions you may have in a detailed manner and makes it easy to make a decision on the next step you may have to make.

Brett O.Patient

Dr. Nick is the BEST!!! He was a referral from another Dr. and I couldn't have been happier. His bedside manner is not only terrific but he walked me through every option before he performed surgery on my feet. It was my first and I would recommend him to anyone. Not only did the surgery go better than expected but his follow up post surgery never left a doubt in my mind that it was the right choice and he was the perfect surgeon to perform it.

Before & After Surgery

Before Surgery

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After Surgery

Advancements in Bunion Surgery Offer Improved Outcomes

With numerous methods available for bunion correction, our minimally invasive bunionectomy stands out.

It offers benefits such as quicker healing times, reduced discomfort and swelling, minimal scarring, and a decreased need for pain medication.

Faster Recovery

On average, recovery after the Bunionectomy is up to 8 weeks faster than after traditional open procedures.

Less Pain & Swelling

Postsurgery, patients reported less pain and demonstrated less swelling than after traditional open procedures.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients experience less complications and report higher satisfaction after minimally invasive surgery than after open procedures.

Meet Dr. Nick

I’m Dr. Nick Argerakis, known to my patients as “Dr. Nick,” and I’m a New York City, NY and New Jersey foot surgeon who is Board Certified.

I’m also fellowship trained in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery. I specialize in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery with a focus on revision surgery, as well as the reconstruction of deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet. My primary goals when helping patients are to improve their quality of life, provide aesthetic and attractive results, and help them quickly return to their regular daily routine.

Not All Bunions Are the Same

As the hallux valgus deformity progresses, your bunion will become more prominent. Minimally invasive surgery can be used to treat bunions of any severity.


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